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Fashion designers started recognizing hectic lifestyles and how the hurly-burly of our daily routine pushed us not to have any time to make a stop at home and change over for our next important thing that day. One such creative designer, a businesswoman, and entrepreneur, Nicole Frank got her inspiration from the hectic ness and with it discovered the need for making practicality looking fashionable and chic.

Nicole Frank designed and introduced a collection for a modern woman with a classy and active lifestyle – The Wardrobe Evolution. Versatile and adaptive to any busy schedule, Nicole’s collection allows women to transition from a conference room to a ballet recital with a brand new outfit. Simple and quick way of switching outfits and rocking a brand new look was made possible with removable and customizable pants, tops, dresses, jackets, skirts, and jumpsuits.

How Does It Work?

The Wardrobe Evolution assortment is accompanied by zip-ons comprised of silk, cashmere, fur, and leather. In that way, any woman can develop her style in numerous ways of wearing the same item completely different. Zip-ons allow you to change your look easily while “The Wardrobe Evolution fabric works round the clock to keep you looking and feeling great,” according to the company website.

Nicole wanted to design a collection using only quality and high-performance fabrics made in the US. Along with the accent on quality, the collection’s focus stayed on the initial idea of luxurious practicality with the seamless transition of outfits changing from morning to night.

How Did It All Start?

A Californian native, Nicole Frank, raised by a family of strong women with careers in modeling, fashion, and film, got her desire to step into the world of fashion early. A degree in esteemed entrepreneur program from University of Southern California opened the door for Nicole and allowed her to continue dreaming of owning her own business in fashion. Her first business venture was creating handbags for women and children and once again she turned to her family for style inspiration since the women in her home had style rooted in the 60s and 70s.

The first sparkle for her Wardrobe Evolution collection began in 2015 when Nicole noticed there was a need, to put it in her own words, “for the busy, hardworking women to find a smarter and more sophisticated way of dressing.” Starting with herself and her style, Nicole realized that her daily uniform consists of yoga pants, shirts, and tailored blazers. Modern women need an activewear wardrobe what will meet all the demands of the contemporary lifestyle, and that’s precisely what The Wardrobe Evolution brought to the fashion scene.

Nicole Frank fashion brand’s goal is to be a company by women for women who understand the importance of an active lifestyle without sacrificing great fashion.


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