The City and Style Issue — San Diego’s Got it Going on!

All of us here at FINE Magazine can say with certainty that we love San Diego. We want to share with you some of the best things about one of the greatest places in the world. The weather doesn’t get much better than it does here, so we are taking advantage of it and doing as much as possible outdoors, indoors, anywhere we can, and look great doing it! We wanted to share some great ideas for exploring the city and maybe give you a taste of some fine fashion styles that you didn’t know you could pull off. 

The best place to wear an eccentric, couture outfit is one of the great museums that San Diego has to offer, become the art yourself! Take a look at some designer trends for men and women, steal some celebrity styles, or try on a gorgeous faux-fur coat and take it out for a stroll at San Diego’s favorite events.

If you get tired from running around the city, we mapped out a great tour of San Diego’s best breweries, so take a load off and have a sip of one of the many amazing brews San Diego has to offer. And if you need something more filling, head down to The Patio on 101 in Encinitas for a delicious and interesting meal. Check out our take on men’s hairstyles and choose the one that best flatters you. And of course, don’t miss our feature photo shoot showcasing local designer Nicole Frank.

So as summer begins to draw the blinds and the days grow shorter, we implore you, go out and enjoy the sun and make all the memories you can. Whether it’s fashion, art, or food, explore the city we all love, find a new favorite fashion trend and wear it with pride around this fantastic Southern California gem of a city. We can’t wait to see you strut your stuff around this gorgeous city!

Best Wishes,

Asma Mohammed


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