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Herringbone Tweed Hooded Dickey

  • • Compatible with select TWE Base Jackets
  • • Every dickey sold separately
  • • One size fits all
Size Chart

For a look that's very easy but can be styled in a ton of different ways, reach for this Zip-On Herringbone Dickey and the Cynthia Pant in black. It is more than up to the job - any time of day (or night)!

Available in black and white herringbone.

A cute cool weather accessory and functional layering tool without the bulk.

• No sides or arm holes; panel front with zipper
• Compatible with the following jackets:
     - Nicole
     - Nicole Tweed
     - Maria
     - Maddie Coin
     - Trish Trench Jacket/Vest

What is a Zip-On?
The secret to good style every single day.

Zip-Ons are limited edition luxury collars, sleeves, hems, pouchettes and dickeys worn by zipping it on/off a concealed interior zipper.

• Only compatible with TWE Base Collection clothing
• Removable and interchangeable
• Sold separately from clothing
• Zip-On Sleeve and Collar sizes correlate to the size of the compatible jacket, dress, top or jumpsuit
• Dickeys and Pouchettes are one size fits all

Zip-Ons are made from luxury fabrics that are limited edition and change on an ongoing basis

• Not machine washable
• May be professionally cleaned or spot cleaned

• Model is 5'9" wearing the Trish Trench Jacket/Vest in black and Cynthia Pant in black