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Shearling Cap Sleeves

  • • Wear with select TWE Base jackets, dresses and tops
  • • Sleeve size coordinates with the size of the base item
  • • Limited edition, made with locally sourced leather
Size Chart


The rose-colored shearling cap sleeves are a flirty finish to tops and sleeves jackets. Fitting just over the shoulder, they create a slimming effect of the arm.

We love the contrast of this cap sleeve with the Taylor Top in rose or floral print.

Available in rose.

Small enough to keep in your purse or gym bag, these sleeves will be your best little fashion secret.

• Compatible with the following jackets:
     - Kim Jacket/Vest
     - Trish Jacket/Vest
• Compatible with the following dresses:
     - Biana
• Compatible with the following tops:
     - Taylor

What is a Zip-On?
The secret to good style every single day.

Zip-Ons are limited edition luxury collars, sleeves, hems, pouchettes and dickeys worn by zipping it on/off a concealed interior zipper.
• Only compatible with TWE Base Collection clothing
• Removable and interchangeable
• Sold separately from clothing
• Zip-On Sleeve and Collar sizes correlate to the size of the compatible jacket, dress, top or jumpsuit
• Dickeys and Pouchettes are one size fits all

• Zip-Ons are made from luxury fabrics that are limited edition and change on an ongoing basis

• Not machine washable
• May be professionally cleaned or spot cleaned