What is a Zip-On?

Zip-Ons are limited edition luxury collars, sleeves, hems, pouchettes and dickeys that can be easily added to any Nicole Frank base piece with our concealed zipper system. All Zip-Ons are removable and/or interchangeable.

Step One

Choose a base piece

Step Two

Choose a compatible Zip-On

  • Collars

  • Half Sleeves

  • Full Sleeves

  • Hems

  • Pouchettes

  • Dickeys

  • Bustier Straps

Step Three


Step Four

Look Complete

How to choose a

compatible Zip-On

for your base piece:

Half Sleeves are removable andinterchangeable sleeves that Zip-On/ Offabove the elbow on the following styles: 


  • Nicole Jacket

  • Maria Jacket

  • Maddie Coin Jacket

  • Nicole Jacket

  • Your custom text goes here

  • Your custom text goes here