"I love it when women give me their feedback and share their photos and personal stories." – Nicole

“Designs that will last through the ages -

interchangeable  designs with endless options.”

- Catherine Grace

“Makes packing so much easier.”

- Diane

“Gives you curves where you don’t have them”

- Wendy

"This is fantastic! I’m loving the sophistication coupled with great lines and feminine features."


"I wore the Esther jumpsuit horseback riding then washed it in my hotel sink and was back in it for dinner "


" Never owned a jumpsuit- they are waaayyyyy out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I decided to try. Now I can’t decide what color.” 

- Jacqueline

“Jumpsuits are great!!” 

- Luann

"I love my jumpsuit! I have been wearing it with tall boots and the lace sleeves ."


"I am obsessed with the material, quality, and fit. Photos don't do the pieces justice. The Fruzsina top is a must!"


“Clothes for any season” 

- Amy

"If I’m having an off day, I just put on Nicole Frank and instantly feel confident. "


"Rave reviews every time I wear Nicole Frank. "


"The material and quality are amazing. The Josie Coat is phenomenal."


"I live in the Nicole Jacket. It was made for me ."


"The best outfit in my entire wardrobe, ever. I can travel with it it never wrinkles, I can wear it anywhere in the afternoon or evening, I dress it up or down with jewelry, heels, or boots. It is so comfortable, so versatile, so chic! "


"I am traveling in 5 states over the next week for business and I only needed a small suitcase. I have gotten so maany compliments. I am loving how easy it is to change my look with the zip-ons!."


"The Helen dress is my favorite. If its clean, I’m wearing it! "


"I’m always going back to my NF pieces. They are staples in my wardrobe. "


"Such a clever idea."


"It’s so easy. I love changing the sleeves and adding a belt

 for a whole new look"


"Just got home and tried the pants, love it. They will look good on anyone, it’s such a good cut "


"The pants fit so well and make me feel sexy!"


"Alexis Pant, they are beautiful. The fit and easy pull on styling is fabulous and I loved the packaging / hangtags as well – elegant! "


"My Go-to look. "


"Classic pieces. A great investment for your wardrobe. "