Jump(suit) into warmer weather! ☀

Inspired by my fashionable friend and summer travel partner Obaida, this jumpsuit is the
long-awaited counterpart to the best selling Esther. After creating and curating my base collection of thoughtfully tailored wardrobe staples and classics, I shifted my focus to be more forward in design. This round of signature pieces will feature higher fashion, more curves, and, as expected, great versatility. Stayed tuned as I roll out more pieces from this exciting new collection.
Layer with the long sleeve Carol Topto stay warm during those chilly days.
Swap the layered look for layered necklaces and be ready for date night.
A removable zip-on pouch makes for an effortless night out.
MIx and match straps for a unique look.
Various pouches, straps, and the new reversible Chloe bustier coming soon!

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