👯 Memo from the Assistant

My name is Jasmine and I have been Nicole’s assistant for over a year. Nicole is the embodiment of women’s empowerment. She gives it, receives it, and breathes it. While brainstorming ideas for today’s important e-mail message, I decided to honor the amazing woman behind The Wardrobe Evolution. Working so closely with Nicole, I witness first hand how she lives the women’s empowerment message she speaks.

She seeks out involvement opportunities with various women’s charities and organizations like Dress for Success and Tea3 to name 2. Her generous spirit extends to other female entrepreneurs and I am always being flooded with kind words about her support. Her network of friends is not only the most fashionable group of women I have ever met, but the most genuine hearted. Women empowering women in its most honest form. The list of examples continues, but it’s her positive influence that has the most personal impact. I am inspired everyday to be the version of myself because of her support. So, today, International Woman’s Day, I encourage all of you to thank the empowering women in your lives.

Thank you Nicole!

xx- Jasmine

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